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November 16, 2004



and I am missing it (the cold weather), Glad to know that you're making a documentation on it and oh it is great that you have your own blog now :) .all the best, and send regards to everyone at AIT. peace.


I second that motion. Hot & humid weather is no fun in any situation. Anyhoo, hope to hear more about the art camp report and publication. All the best to the peeps at AIT.


If someone is missing the cold weather I can tell you you that it is over one meter snow eveywhere here in Helsinki and more white stuff is coming all the time. We made our first snow angles last weekend and I am planning to pick my skies and skates tomorrow... its bloody freezing... -10 degree already. But we love it because we have our saunas anyway ;)


Well, that sounds really coool!pun intended.


wow snow wee! bet y'all europeans having fun

its just extreme heat and then rain here.

good coz i can get a tan daily.

but miss tokyo anyways.


i want snow!!!! its only the tropical sun you get.. and a bit of polution ;)...
hey,,, everyone does.. i miss it too!!! especially the Otani Inn Breakfast.. hahahahh!!!!! :0.. no, but for real i do! the togetherness! but maybe one day we can do it again?!?
and about the works related to the japan (marie email us) i did some.. i would like to share... but how ja?

oh.. ja... can someone plis invite me to this luvly blog!!( I've been asking!!)

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