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December 20, 2004



Dear Rani, I think youre account is as a 'guest' so ya cant post any fotos... but heres the trick, log on as 'Art Camp 2004' and post fotos as well as files.. i hope you know the password for uh, obvious reasons.. btw, I'll be in Bali 1-10 januari! so ayuh kita ke bali!!


Hello, hello,
I send you lots of christmas greetings from the country of father christmas...

Its all white here and I am really looking forward to start my holiday!!! How are you friends all around the world? Today is the shortest day in Finland in the whole year and its means that the day time is really short... actually today in lapland the sun doesn't rise AT ALL!!! And then everyone wonders why people north here are so depressed... well well luckily we have the snow.

Take care and eat well:
TOP 5 Finnish christmas food:

1. The ash of the pig =huge ham with peas
2. carrot dish
3. traditional Finnish beeroot salad
4. rawpickled salmon
5. herring

Hyvää joulua!



peace n greetings everybody from the northest of finland to the southest of indonesia.. May ye have the greatest of christmas, and also, may ye have the best start to a 2005 ;)

lots of lahv


My sweet crazy rani! you're right! It can't happen! We must be more active in this blogg. That's the way it is for! But I feel very lazy too...although i'm very busy in another kind of works that includes to change my life...
well, I wrote to you in november but your email was very full, but it's never late to tell you that I enjoyed you very much!

I need time but I will make something interesting about my tokyo xperience!!!



And You? Great Aidil?
I miss you and I know you can put some agitation in this blogg!
Go on and I wish you a good stage in Bali near Rani!
I must tell you that your pictures here are really interesting! speacially by the pane window and all that includes rapid movement or totally no movement(as some in the garden). But I feel very nostalgic when I see myself in that context...

wellywellywell, Kisses and PEACE

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