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December 28, 2004



yes...... this is the biggest disaster in years for Indonesia. till today 45.234 people died( only indonesia).. and worse.. more everyday.. it is a national grief.. i would say internatioanl, incld. india,srilanka, etc...
thank you for all the mails and concern guys!!! it really means alot!!!

and aidil, postpone your comming, let me know!!! i would like to see you again sooon!!!



I was really woried about you Rani. Very, very good to hear that you are ok, I hope that your familiy and friends are also safe.

With you,


am i glad youre OK.. yeah I'll definitely tell ya when I'll be coming to your place and also Bali, though I'm certain that it will not be anytime soon..

My friend's relatives are in Acheh.. some are OK some are still missing... :( lets pray that things will get better soon..



Good to know you're ok and getting by. Your friend's family as well as all of those affected by this disaster are in my family's prayers.

Glad to know you're also relatively unharmed by all this. Again, the best we can all offer for now is our prayers and our constant concern.

Lets celebrate this new year by lighting a candle instead of a firework (not sure how many of you do that in your native countries)in hopes for a much more peaceful new year.


hey guys. i am glad to hear all is well. Fortunately singapore was not hit by the disaster.

anyways, feel free to view the photos from the trip which i uploaded in

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